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Working in Digital Media – Week 10

Hey guys,

This weeks Guest speaker was Robbie Ward from BPM Media. BPM is company that helps influence people into buying certain products through Digital Media. The companys name BPM stands for Beats Per Minute.

Beats Per Minute

Actually a cool thing to note is that BPM Media is located like 5mins walk from my house which is pretty cool.  BPM Media does alot to influence a consumers choices for a company, they do this through Audio, Video and Interactivity. An Example of each would be:

Audio – Play certain songs in a Coffee shop to get people to sub consciously make them eat and drink faster so that they clear the table for the next customer quicker. Or in say for Example Tesco’s they would play really catchy songs to get a customer to stay in the shop longer which most likely means the customer will spend more money. Because 70% of Purchases are only decided when in store.

Video – They put up music videos in pubs with the Name of the Artist and Songs added below the video.

Interactivity – They Have a scrolling message bar under the Music videos where people can text something in and it gets displayed on the screen shortly after, For example a person could text happy birthday to a friend and they would see it up on the screen in a nightclub or pub.

Also they have started using TVs as a menu so that a menu could be changed within about 10 minutes if it needed to be instead of having to print up a new one. They can also display certain special offers at certain times of the day, For example a breakfast special could be displayed from 9am -11am and then it would instantly change to a lunch time offer until 1pm.

So Pretty much BPM Media is a company that helps promote special offers or certain products or just get people to stay in a certain place longer so that they will spend more.

I really enjoyed this weeks lecture, i am very interested in this type of area of work.

Until next week,


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