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Working in Digital Media – Week 12

Natural Hey guys,

This weeks guest speaker was Fiona Harte. Fiona is involved with the marketing side of the Palm store online.

Fiona has spent the last 15 years in Marketing. At the moment she is focused on E-commerce. Fiona is required to drive and deliver financial targets and to get loyal customers to sign – up with Palm online.

The Palm Online Webstore is available in 16 different countries . And to those 16 countries they provide mainly mobile phone accessories, they do not sell the palm pre because of a contract that they have with the shops that sell their phones. With selling to all those countries , alot of people attempt fraud online to try get products for free. Palm has to undergo some measures to tackle this aswell as Laws for online marketing. Some of them are Data protection, Brand and Trademark Protection, Copyright,Can-spam Act(USA Only) and Accessibility  for the visually impaired.

Another aspect that Fiona has to deal with is to drive traffic to the website. The 4 main areas traffic come from are;

  • Search Engine
  • Natural (People now of the website and type the address in themselves)
  • Word of Mouth
  • Advertisements

Fiona is given a quota that she has to reach of a certain amount of visits per day. When the visits are low or sales are low then Fiona can put a special offer online such as 20% of a product. Also if sales are low on a product or if the product is no longer being produced and they want to get rid of them until they sell the new ones then they could have a sale.

Also another form of advertising is in Social media such as facebook, although there is alot of mixed opinions because facebook is like a persons personal page so alot of people dont like to see adverts. Some companys like the idea of using facebook because fans will get alerted of a new status immediatly.

Todays lecture was ok, Im not really interested in marketing to be honest, well not the business side of it anyway.  But Fiona was a good guest speaker , she knew anything she was asked . And in my opinion , advertising on social networking sites is not good.

Well guys im afraid my term has come to an end, I am just about to complete my first year of college, I cannot wait to see what the 2nd has in store. Alot more blogs to come so stay tuned.

Until next semester ,


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