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Working in Digital Media Outing !

Hey guys,

This week we got to go on a trip instead of sitting in a boring lecture room. Thank God it didnt rain on us, very unusual with our weather but hey im not complaining.

So this week we went on a trip for a day to two places, the dail and the science gallery at trinity college.

The Dail

Well we all met at the Dail bright and Early outside the Dail and waited like 30mins for last minute (Or last 30 mins) people lol. Once everyone was there , we went inside and got some tea and waited around for our tour guide of the dail.  Once our tour started i felt better about being in the dail because the tour guide really was brilliant.  We went all over the Dail , we even went in the dail chamber below

The Dail Chamber

The dail chamber is where all of the big debates go on. Its pretty much where all of the politicians shout over each other and the loudest gets heard. We then walked all over and up and down so many stairs, We saw a painting of every taoiseach  up on the walls to, We also saw the old money which i havent seen since i was a kid , it was great to see it again . Definately prefer our old money to the euro.We saw alot of interesting stuff in the dail and i was told so many facts that i got it all mixed up. And thats was pretty much the trip, it was just really long because we went all over the place.

After our tour we all went our separate ways for lunch.

After lunch it was off to the Science Gallery in Trinity College. below

Science Gallery Trinity College

Once at the Trinity Science Gallery we got a tour of the Exhibition that was on. It was the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef. It is basically a coral reef nitted up out of various materials such as different types of plastic. In fact its hard to imagine so here are some photos of it:

Coral Reef

Coral Reef Mix

The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project was based on hyperbolic space which to be honest is extremely hard to understand and i just got confused when the tour guide was explaining it so i just walked around on my own and admired some of the work that had been done. And that was pretty  much it for the day . The Exhibition was smaller than i would have thought.

Well to be honest i thought the day was a waste of time, I mean i am a creative Digital Media Student so why do i want to go to the dail. And the Hyperbolic Crochet Reef project just wasnt my cup of tea, I didnt like it at all. I thought that day was a waste, I would have preferred some free Mac time to do Project work. But awell hopefully our next trip is more fun.

Until next week,


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