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Working in Digital Media – Week 6

Hey guys,

This week sadly our guest speaker couldnt make it, But dont worry im still going to Blog of course.

We were given some companys and asked to pick one and blog about it and i chose Troika Design Group.

Troika Design Group

Toika are a design and branding agency based in Hollywood, CA. Troika likes to bring brands to life through the best of what design provides: a distinct impression a of brand’s and value.

Troika have based alot of their work on adverts for Tv shows , with information on when its on mainly and a picture of some of the actors. Troika Focus on making the picture real dramatic which is good because its mainly an ad for a drama. They do this by selecting certain point of view photographs and creating alot of contrast on peoples faces and using certain Lighting techniques. Here are some examples:


Lie to me


As you can see Troika have worked with alot of big companies , to name a few : ABC, Fox and Starz

Troika mainly focus on Network Branding


Network Branding is branding made between the Tv Station and its audience. Troika have Re-branded Fox many of times now and each time they do it the design gets better than the last. I really wish RTE and TV3 with get some work by Troika done.

Thats pretty much all for this week as we didnt have a guest speaker and i would have love if a guest speaker from this area was in as i am thinking towards this direction for a career when i finish college.

Until Next week,


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