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Working in Digital Media – Week 4

Hey Guys ,

This week our guest Speaker was Ian Cudmore from Chutney Films.

Ian started off with talking about what he done after he left college as we dont know what will happen when you finish college and embark out into the world.Ian graduated from NCAD in 2006 from Industrial Design and product design. After that he went into trinity college to study music and media technologys.Ian done the course in trinity to learn more about music and video.After he completed the course he started to play around with video alot , which made him reconsider video as a career. Which brought Ian to a very good point which made me happy i am doing this course, he said that we were in a better postion than most people currently in the industry because we are learning about all aspects of the media where as the people in the industry now mainly only learned one aspect for example just audio or just video.

So after the course at trinity , Ian worked for 3 months at One productions, where Ian mainly had to focus on making flash ads. After that he moved to a company called Hyper Production Company which unfortunately closed down. Because the company was closed down Ian had no job so he decided to do freelance work which had never thought of. Ian started to experiment and done stuff by himself and just practiced really. After a while Ian started making music videos on his own which he really enjoyed doing. But then he started doing them as projects for people .

One of those people was a scottish artist called James Yorkston.  Ian sent the video through myspace and he didnt really expect anything back, but the got in contact with Ian and they liked what he had done and asked him if he would go on a tour with James and make a documentary for him. Ian happily accepted and after that the request just seemed to keep coming for him to do projects.

Ian met a guy called Donall Dineen through james which introduced him to Lisa Hannigan who is a musician/singer.

Here is Lisa’s Youtube Channel


Ian created some music videos for Lisa , It was low budget and he didnt get much money but he benefited because of the experience. In fact one particular video the Ian had done was spotted by an american Tv talk show host which invited Lisa onto the show.

After this Ian was asked to make a pilot of Maeves show which they had gotten comission for which was a four part series. It was low enough budget and there was a small crew but there was much better equipment this time. Ian consider this as his first real production job. The time it took to make the show was approximately 4 months. He also had a piece of stop motion in there which took him 12 hours. It was only after this that Ian started to call himself an Editer.

Ian then bacame an Editer with scratch films and edited a show called the school. He learned from this that for every 20 hours you film , you only use 1 hour. He also told us to make sure to be organized because we may need our old footage in years to come.  Ian told us about how hard it is to get commission for making tv shows and he told us about his time with RTE . And currently he is working on We Own The Streets


The reason Ian is doing We own the streets is because it is a quicker and easier way to get a job at RTE.

After Ian Told us about We Own The Streets the Lecture was pretty much over.

I Thought that this lecture was worthwhile and really enjoyed it and i hope Ian does good in RTE’s Storyland

Until Next Week,

Bye bye

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