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Week 3

Hi all,

Sadly this week our guest speaker couldnt make it 😦

But luckily last year’s group recorded all the guest speakers so we watched one of those videos.

The guest speakers name was Edward Melvin.

Edward is a project manager at ICAN .

This is a link to the company’s website;  http://www.ican.ie/flash/ .

He started off his talk telling us about how he got in the digital media sector.

He told us of when he was in college and worked on a bi-monthly news letter and of all the deadlines it came with. This helped him practice for his job today.

Edward is in charge of making sure that all of the staff have everything completed online and within the deadline.

ICAN is a Digital Advertising Company.

They help their clients with decisions and advise them on the design.Some of the services that ICAN provide include Web Design,  Search Marketing , Online Pr  and Project and Campaign Management.

ICAN mainly focuses on Advertising.

Employeses at ICAN

  • 1 Managing Director
  • 7 Creative
  • 7 Production
  • 5 Client Services
  • 3 Media
  • 2 Search Marketing
  • 1 Accounting
  • Why would People want to Advertise Online?

    It is very simple. They know how many people saw the Ad, They know how many people clicked on the Ad and the know how many people bought a product directly through thatAd.

    And people are using the internet more and more. If you got an Ad up on googles main page then 300 million people would see it, If you got an Ad up on a bus then only a couple of thousand people would see it in a day.

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