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Week 2

This week we had a guest speaker.

Her name was Geraldine Gray ànd she is from the Department of Informatics in ITB.

She came in to talk about Learning Styles and its relevance to Creative Digital Media.

I was amazed when she told us that there ways 60 different ways of categorising how people learn  some include:

  • 1. Channel mode of learning,
  • 2. Cognitive strengths of learning,
  • 3. Manner/style of learning,
  • 4. Personality Difference,
  • 5.  Types of learning behaviour.


Channls of learning

How you like to take in information.

1. Visual

2. Auditocy

3. Kinasthetic

Those are the main 3 Categories, you can be just from one or even from a mix.

Although an interesting fact is that the Average attention span of all them is 12minutes at a tme. Which means if your in a lecture for more than 12 minutes then your most likely not gonna take anymore in unless you have a little break.




Affective                      Feeling, Emotions

7 Different intelligences

  • Verbal Linguistic
  • Logical Mathematical
  • Musical
  • Visual Spatial
  • Bodily Kinasthetic
  • Interpersonal
  • Intrapersonal
  • Naturalistic


This Weeks Labs were Fun

We made a 3D Model of a Surfboard with some bite marks from a shark taken out of it.

We made Hello Kitty from Complete Scratch in Adobe Illustrator CS4

Both tasks were really fun,

Our 3D Models were all different and it was fun trying out different Shapes.

Making Hello Kitty was fun because everybodys came out Different.

I cant wait for Next weeks Guest Speaker and I definately cant wait for next weeks labs.

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