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I really Enjoyed this project

I was told to take 1 Celebrity Picture And Pick 3 of the following Themes and make them look like they are one of the mentioned themes by adding images into the picture.

The list of themes :

•I am masculine

•I am feminine

•I am wealthy

•I am intelligent

•I am evil

•I am popular


My celebrity was Brian Lenihan

The 3 themes i chose were:

•I am feminine

•I am evil

•I am wealthy



Brian Lenihan Evil:

To start i got a picture of Brian Lenihan and cropped him.

Then i Made a new layer and whitened out his eye,

I Burn around his eyes to add an evil kind of look,

I added horns and burned the surrounding area on his forehead.

I Deleted the tounge from his mouth and brushed in some black to make it look like his mouth was open,

I got a picture of 50 euro notes and Cropped it and placed t in his mouth,

I smuged the end in towards his mouth.



Next i got the HOW TO book and edited it to add in my own text.

I added a Flame Background

Entered some text from star Magazine

And brushed 4stars in.



The classic horns make you think Evil,

So does scars on his face and white eyes burned around the edge.

People always associate Flames with evil if it is behind a figure.


Brian Lenihan Feminine:

I started off with cropping the picture of Brian Lenihan,

I then replaced the background,

I then put a table top in front of him,

I placed a salad bowl in front of him

Then i placed a Gucci bag on the table also,

I put make up on using a round soft brush on about 30% opacity,

I put Earrings on him,

I put a Pink hat on him

And i brushed his tie to make it pink.



Pink is always associated with Feminine side ,

The big hoop earrings is for girls to, although i dunno wether it is mainly irish style or not.

Salad is normally associated with woman,

I always coloured his tie pink.

Brian Lenihan Wealthy:
I started off with cropping the background out,

I done it simply a Solid black because i wanted attention to focus on the main subject which was added later

I cropped 50euro notes out of a picture and placed them around him,

And Cropped a house that is made out of money out,

And added a shadow to it,.




The only thing that i added really was MONEY MONEY and more MONEY


I hope you enjoyed this post ,

because i know i did.

Also hope you liked the pictures.

See ya soon


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