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Design Principles

This week we learned about design principles.

Bitmap Images

Advantages of bitmap images are:

Bitmaps can represent complex,

photographic images;

the grid can be filled with thousands or millions of subtle variations of colour.

Another advantage is that bitmap images are widely recognized and almost every program accepts them.


Bitmaps can effectively be made smaller, but

cannot be made larger without degrading the

quality of the image

Bitmap Images can be quite large in filesize.

GIF images

Gif images only have 256 colours so they are very poor for photographic images.

they can be animated and can be transparent if you choose so.


JPEG images are capable of displaying millions of colours at once,

allowing for the complex blend of hues that occur

in photographic images.

Quite good compression is also effective in JPEG, it keeps balance between Image Quality and Image file size.

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