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IMMA Field Trip

We went on a trip to IMMA last week.

It was an exhibition of modern art. Im did’nt really like anything there except for the part of taking photo’s outside in the surrounding area.

We werent supposed to take pictures inside but i only want the best for my readers so i snook 2 or 3 just to give you a taste of what was there.

ssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone…….

I really enjoyed the trip though becaus i got to go around the nice area at the side of the building.

I also learned a bit more about using a camera, Mainly on Shutter speed and ISO for 2 reasons.

Reason 1 is because we were asked to show a shot without motion blur which was done by choosing a really fast shutter speed , say around 1/20 of a second.

This is motion picture:

The other reason is because i found a hole in the wall that had a type of tunnel with a gate at the end, but it was almost pitch black so i had to put the shutter speed up to about 10 seconds and the ISO to around 400.It was really hard to get the shot because the whole in the wall was so small that i had to hold the camera extremely steady with only one hand.

This is the shot:

And i am sorry for posting this a little late, it completely skipped my mind.

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